Meet the Kings

Hi - I'm Kat.  Jon and I met in college, got the same job, and moved in together.  One night of partying led to another and we ended up taking our friendship to another level, getting married, buying a house, getting some puppies, and expecting our first baby.  That's the short - here's the long.  I started this blog to keep track of life (so I can always look back and go, OMG What was I thinking?), store some good recipes (and obviously share them with you),tune up my photography (I'm only learning), and, mostly, as a writing outlet.  I'm blunt, sarcastic, and sometimes funny (even if I am the only one laughing).   

Peanut's real name is Addison Haley (although we've been known to call her Taco, Ads-McGee, Addi, or Lima Bean).  She graced us with her presence on January 22, 2011, weighing in at 6 lbs and 5oz.  Jon and I were excited to meet our sweet little girl and are happily adjusting to our new life as a family of 3 (plus 2 pups). 

You can read how we found out about Peanut here.
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Travis is our first-born so-to-speak, although Peanut's arrival pushed him down the food chain.  Jon and I got him when we first moved in together as roommates.  He enjoys long walks by the beach, chasing squirrels, and farting.  Seriously, he looks small, but he can clear a room faster than anyone I've ever met.  He's kind of a spoiled brat and a diva, but that's my own fault.  You can read way more than you ever wanted here.

Cailey, my love bug.  Where do I start with you?  Jon and I got Cailey soon after we got engaged.  See, I have this whole thing about getting a new puppy every two years, but that's neither here nor there.  Cailey was this ugly puppy that no one wanted and that's all I needed to hear to swoop her away and bring her home.  We were too busy planning a wedding and buying a house to pay too much attention to Cailey, and, consequently, she grew up to be the perfect dog.  You can read more here.