Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Evenflo - Exersaucer SmartSteps Walk Around Review

This is not a sponsored post.

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This activity center is awesome.  Peanut has recently decided that she prefers to stand rather than do pretty much anything else.  This isn't as fun as it sounds when you're trying to run around and get ready in the morning.  Here's where the exersaucer walked comes in.  We've set it up in the dining room and plop Peanut in while we try to pack her bottles, our lunches and feed the dogs (we prefer to keep her in our view t all times).  She's very happy to be in it.

We received ours as a Baby Shower gift - it's from Walmart.

Here's what we love about it:
  • It's super light and easy to move around from room to room.
  • It has height adjustments that fit our tiny little Peanut around 4 months of age.  She is able to reach the floor and move around.
  • The seat portion is super easy to move in so Peanut is able to turn from activity to activity on her own.
  • There are lots of entertaining toys like the birds and bees, rattles, and even a singing/talking tree.
  • It can turn into a walker that pivots at the center.
Here are some things that we're not big fans of:
  • There are a couple of spaces with no toys and I feel like it's a waste of space
  • Most of the toys are kind of out of her reach because she is so tiny.
  • There is a snack tray that we would never use and it takes up a bunch of the room.
  • The seat portion is made for bigger babies - this is something that most of you will probably love, but for our tiny itty bitty Peanut, it's too big.  We solve this by sticking a towel or blanket in to keep Peanut from toppling over.
  • I could do with more entertaining toys - things that Peanut can pull and push or even move around.

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  1. The exersaucer remains my favorite item of Nate's first year. It saved us a million times, making it possible to take showers, cook meals, even run to the bathroom. We used it until Nate was able to climb out of it (!!).

    Ours barely had a free space on it, but we'd put other toys up there anyway because Nate would pick them up and plan with them. So you should pile up some of her fave things on there (maybe put a soft book in the snack tray?). And I've seen other people do the towel prop-up thing, so you're definitely not the only ones with that concern. One day you'll look back and go, "Wow, at one point she was too little for that??" :)

  2. I just got my little Gemma a jumperoo for the same reason...she LOVES to stand! she can seriously be mid-meltdown and if I stand her up, all is good again!
    it's good your little one can reach the bottom even though shes so little..how tall is she?